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TokyoTomo is an independent travel-blogging site started in late 2007, built in my free time (and it still is) with the purpose of providing foreign travelers and foreign residents in Japan as a source of information to making their reservation as well as to help travel business operators to advertise their services and to appeal to more customers.

Though there are tonnes travel offers, they are mostly catered for domestic consumption with non native speakers unaware of its existence, and only a very small number of real offers are planned with the overseas market in mind. We try to bridge the gap and to break the language barrier.

We are dedicated to providing timely and accurate information that is of importance to those who are planning a trip. To fulfill this role, we have a good knowledge of the travel business and a resourceful network to retrieve invaluable information. The nature of this website is capable of gathering such information complementing with our team of "travel industry insiders" brilliantly created a solid foundation to begin with.

We also have the technical skills and knowledge that are involved in building websites, and its systems. We work closely with our advertisers by helping them to promote their services and to create a net presence. While it is easy for large companies to do so and they have conquered the majority of sales generated through the internet, it would be extremely difficult for small businesses to carry out such large scale projects. We recognise it as an opportunity and created a platform for small and medium-size companies to benefit from our service without the huge overhead or the technical complexitiy involved.

We have a comprehensive list of travel-related companies in our directory, and any registered agencies are welcome to list in our directory for free. And for those who wish to promote a certain product or service can pay a small fee to be featured separately or become our merchant to sell your products directly on our site. Our easy to use directory can help users find the products and services they want much faster. We have the highest number of licenced travel agents listed here. We strive to include all the travel sites in Japan, but there is a good possibility that we do miss out on quite a few. Should you come across any please do update us.

Kindly refer to our FAQ if you have any questions concerning how to engage our service.

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Constant efforts

We have made our business directory very search engine friendly. With proper and constant optimization done, our site has already ranked very well on the major search engines. In turn, we will help to improve on our advertisers' visibilty and site ranking on the Internet. It is extremely beneficial to new startups and young websites.

We continue to work closely with our existing advertisers and to help them to reach out to new customers. We will help keep watch of the market trend and pattern to understand where the demand is heading. We try to bring in new products that will be of interest to travellers.

We are receptive to new ideas and welcome any constructive suggestions that will help improve by making travel prices more competitive and transparent. To do so, we definetely need participation and the support of people in the travel industry.

Please use the contact form if you would like to speak to us regarding collaboration in site building, joint-marketing or any other questions.

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You have a question for us? Email to us at : mail2me[at]tokyotomo[dot]com
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