Complimentary stay at okamoto onsen in Ito Complimentary stay at okamoto onsen in Ito
With our bags all packed, making sure once again that our swimwears are in the bag, we are all set heading to Ito peninsular. It was a pleasant Saturday morning, my only concern would the traffic onroute as we are choosing the bus instead of the train. It is our first trip riding on the Tomei highway shortly after the revision of the toll fees. With the current flat rate of 1000yen specially on weekends, otherwise would be 3-4 times this amount, congestions at intercity highways gathered outside the city is now a common occurence and road users want to avoid.
The bus departing nearby Tokyo Station bringing us to the door of the ryokan is a complimentary shuttle service operated by the ryokan and runs daily. The driver has anticipated our ride today to take approximately 4hours, with 1-2 stops for toilet break along the way, to arrive just past lunch time which usually would arrive at around noon given a regular day with smooth traffic.
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