Hakone & Odakyu set plan

For those who hates looking up tarriffs especially with complicated price calendars and tables will appreciate this KNT package tour to Hakone. Try comparing it with other JR rail packages pamphlets and you will find it easily comprehensible to the average user. The tour planner has decided not to raise the price for Fridays as such the pricing is very straight forward, with weekdays and Sundays being the cheapest and more expensive for Saturdays and holidays. What is offered? There are a total of 23 onsen ryokans included, complete with dinner and breakfast. You can reserve accommodations alone or with the Odakyu Romance Car set plan. Odakyu Romance Car departs from Shinjuku Station and takes 85 minutes to get you to Hakone Yumoto Station.

Now the perks, should you be taking the Odakyu set plan, free one-way baggage service will be offered allowing you to do sightseeing without worrying to drag your bags along. However with restriction to weight & size of baggage and to observe the pick up time. You also get to choose your choice of main dish for your dinner(all Japanese cruisine) during booking. Other perks include free drink coupons to special priced entrance ticket to attractions and for local ropeway rides.

KNT Hakone free plan & Odakyu set plan (departs Tokyo, Shinjuku Sta.)
KNT Hakone free plan & Odakyu set plan
    KNT Hakone free plan & Odakyu set plan
    valid from 2007NOV-2008APR
  • With 23 onsen ryokans to choose in Hakone, with dinner and breakfast.
  • Choice of main dish. Free one way baggage service.
  • Optional all-you-can-drink plan.
  • Minimum 2 person.
  • Reservation can be made at the following;
• (Japanese reservation only)
• Most agencies.

Illuminations and light ups

Another brilliant creation of products by JTB to attract more travellers visiting places with well-known events celebrating Christmas, Year end and New Year with illuminations and light ups. Should you already be thinking of visit Sapporo, Hakodate, Otaru, Okinawa, Nagasaki, Kobe or just a nearby trip to Yokohama, do grab a copy of the "Illuminations theme special" to compare the offers. When you book your tickets under this plan you are likely to be given rooms with a good view of the city illuminations which you don't as oppose to taking a regular plan. Other than that there isn't much to add, with your usual dining options perhaps with just a little bit of extra touch to add to the festive mood.

ACE JTB Sapporo, Otaru & Hakodate winter plan ACE JTB Okinawa resort plan ACE JTB Huistenbosch, Nagasaki, Unsen light up plan ACE JTB Kobe light up plan ACE JTB Tokyo, Yokohama light up plan
Reservation can be made at the following;
• (Japanese reservation only)
• Most agencies.

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Snowfest ticket, get now or never!

Everyone is eyeing on Skymark Airlines round trip plan to Sapporo leaving around the 2nd week of February to participate in the Sapporo Snow Festival. Unlike other tour operators, the Skymark plan offer will only be released exactly 2 months before its departure date. If you wish to leave on Feb9 you ought to put in a reservation by Dec9 in order to secure a seat on the flight that your prefer. As usual for the best fare is to depart a day before the start of the event. Take a look at the price below as a guide (price varies from vendor to vendor). Those who happen to read this posting in January, I am sorry to tell you that you have missed the boat. I shall find you some alternatives later in my posting. And wish you luck searching for a hotel in Sapporo.

Feb4 19,800yen(2D/1N) / 22,800yen(3D/2N)
Feb5 21,200yen(2D/1N) / 26,300yen(3D/2N)
Feb6 21,200yen(2D/1N) / 26,300yen(3D/2N)
Feb7 21,200yen(2D/1N) / 26,300yen(3D/2N)
Feb8 21,200yen(2D/1N) / 28,800yen(3D/2N)
Feb9 35,300yen(2D/1N) / 51,400yen(3D/2N)
Feb10 21,200yen(2D/1N) / 25,800yen(3D/2N)
Feb11 19,800yen(2D/1N) / 24,300yen(3D/2N)
Plan inclusive of return ticket and accommodation only.

There will naturally be additional flight surcharge for returning on certain popular timings however should you consider taking the last flight back to Tokyo, you should be able to avoid that by paying what have been quoted above. See you there at the SnowFest..

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