Narita airport hotels and Keisei Skyliner set plan

This is an original idea by offering return Keisei Skyliner ride to Narita airport together with an airport hotel accommodation prior or after the overseas trip. The purpose is to facilitate those who either use Narita airport during odd hours or are staying in places far from the airport. By opting for this Keisei Skyliner set plan you save 500yen on your return ticket. This set plan is only available during the introductory period from Dec1 to Mar31. And should you be able to purchase the plan 30 days or more before your departure you get an early booking discount ranging from 300yen-1000yen per adult for most hotels.

KNT Narita airport & Haneda airport hotels plan (prior or after)
KNT Narita airport & Haneda airport hotels plan (free plan & Keisei Skyliner set plan)
    KNT Narita airport & Haneda airport hotels plan (free plan & Keisei Skyliner set plan) valid from 2007APR-2008MAR
  • Participating hotels;
    • 1. Holiday Inn Tobu Narita (4,300yen~8,900yen)
    • 2. Narita Excel Hotel Tokyu (4,600yen~10,800yen)
    • 3. Marroad International Hotel Narita (4,400yen~8,900yen)
    • 4. Narita View Hotel (4,600yen~9,600yen)
    • 5. Narita ANA Hotel (4,700yen~12,800yen)
    • 6. Narita Airport Resthouse (4,400yen~7,200yen)
    • 7. Narita Airport Washington Hotel (4,500yen~6,800yen)
    • 8. Hilton Narita (6,000yen~12,100yen)
    • 9. Hotel Nikko Narita (5,500yen~12,800yen)
    • 10. Hotel Nikko Winds Narita (5,600yen~12,200yen)
    • 11. International Garden Hotel Narita (4,400yen~7,400yen)
    • 12. Radisson Hotel Narita (5,200yen~10,500yen)
    • 13. Mercure Hotel Narita (4,300yen~6,500yen)
    • 14. Narita U-City Hotel (3,700yen~7,300yen)
  • Add 3340yen for Keisei Skyliner set plan, optional breakfast.
  • Reservation can be made at the following;
• Kintetsu stores and affiliated agencies.

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Return bus ride and hotel plan

It came to my surprise that not many people were aware that bus + hotel plan exist. It is true that most who opt for night highway buses usually are heading home or to the nearby ski regions for skiing. There are bus + hotel plans that bring you to cities in Kansai, Chubu, Tohoku, Hokuriku and Chugoku regions.

How does the itinerary look like? Most buses leave between 22:30 and midnight with the exception of few cities that are leaving slightly earlier. You will spend the night travelling on the bus arriving your destination cities early in the morning. Buses will pull over service stations regularly for breaks every 2 hours. Buses used for standard plan are not equipped with lavatory, however you can upgrade your plan to one that has a lavatory or even with luxury seat fittings.

You have to kill time in the morning before checking-in a hotel in the afternoon. Hotels offered are similar to plans offered using flight or JR rail. Take note that complimentary breakfast is not included in the standard plan usually so that prices are kept low. Prices start from 10,200yen onwards for a 4 day plan with 1 night hotel inclusive and with 2 nights spent on the bus. You are allowed to extend your trip adding a maximum of 2 extra nights to the plan. For the return leg on the 3rd day of the trip, buses leave again during night time bringing you back to Tokyo arriving the following day early in the morning.

How about a bus + hotel plan for your next trip. There couldn't be any cheaper plan to travel from one city to another with hotel included other than this plan.

KNT Bus Trips (departs Tokyo)
KNT Bus Trips departs Tokyo to cities in Kansai, Chubu, Tohoku, Hokuriku and Chugoku regions.
    KNT Bus Trips (free plan)
    valid from 2007OCT-2008JAN
  • To cities; Toyama, Kanazawa, Aomori, Morioka, Sendai, Fukushima, Nagoya, Nagano, Niigata, Kobe, Kyoto, Osaka, Okayama & Hiroshima.
  • Buses leaving; Shinjuku Sta. West Exit, Shinagawa Sta., Yokohama Sta. West Exit.
  • 1 night hotel inclusive (optional breakfast)
  • Daily, guaranteed departure.
  • 1 person ok.
  • Reservation can be made at the following;
• (Japanese reservation only)
• Most agencies.

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