Singapore Airlines SQ SIA shows Eco-friendly flight over the Pacific
Singapore Airlines (SQ), has just completed a journey which it claims was the world’s first multi-sector demonstration green flight. On one of its long-haul scheduled flight over the North Pacific, flight SQ11 operated using a Mega top Boeing 747-400 Jumbo Jet, which departed from Los Angeles in the day, arrived in Singapore just past midnight via Tokyo, had successfully completed one of the most environmentally efficient flights with fuel savings of more than 10 tonnes as well as a 33-tonne reduction in carbon emissions. The fuel saved translate to around 6 per cent less than normally consumed on a similar flight.

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Sakura buds Prediction was that the cherry trees would have an early bloom this year
Japan Weather Association a nonprofit organisation, has announced this week the prediction for sakura blooming time this year. Spring like weather has moved in causing the temperature to rise, resulting in the sakura flower buds to be ripen at a faster pase. Early blooming dates are expected to be observed in many areas, some places as early as 3 days to around week.

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