Tokyo Realtime Akihabara Tokyo Realtime: Akihabara is a new professionally produced audio guided walking tour of Tokyo's "Electric Town"
A place with a rich history that in the past decade has reinvented itself as a subculture hotspot for Japanese anime, games, manga and maids.
Unlike a typical guidebook or audio tour, Tokyo Realtime: Akihabara takes the listener on a real adventure through all the must-see spots. The narrator, Patrick W. Galbraith (author of The Otaku Encyclopedia), is joined along the route by a team of expert commentators, who together paint the full picture of modern-day Akihabara.
Producer Max Hodges (Creative Director at White Rabbit Press) has taken these studio recordings and mixed in location ambience, music, and a suite of special effects, to turn this tour into a totally unforgettable experience.

FedEx's Panda Express FedEx's Panda Express Aircraft Livery
Dubbed the "Panda Express", one of FedEx's latest fleet of Boeing B777F freighters has a panda decal on the nose section of its fuselage, as seen on picture, flew on a special mission earlier this month on a non-stop flight from Dulles International airport near Washington┬Ęs National Zoo, to Chengdu, China, with two giant pandas onboard.
The payload, two giant pandas have become endearing goodwill ambassadors for China in the United States, now destined to return to China, under an agreement that allows China to retain ownership of adult pandas and any offspring.

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