Antonov An-225 World's Largest Transport Jet Antonov An-225 Making First Visit to Japan
An Ukrainian made fixed-wing aircraft Antonov An-225, the current world’s largest transporter aircraft, was chartered by the Japan Ministry of Defense to provide logistics support to its troops in the peace keeping efforts in Haiti following after a major earthquake that occured weeks ago.
Arrived at Narita New Tokyo International Airport, on the morning of February 9, Antonov An-225 also known as Mriya (means “Dream”) is the first ever massive aircraft, measuring 84 meters in length and 88.7 meter in width, landed in Japan.

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Skymark Airlines B737-800 Skymark Airlines to be first domestic carrier to operate regular service out of Ibaraki airport
Skymark airlines (headquarters in Ota ward, Tokyo) formally announced on February 6 that it has decided to introduce daily flight to Ibaraki airport in Omitama, Ibaraki Prefecture from its Kobe base with effect from April 16. This was after months of having no domestic carriers willing to mount regular flight using this new airport, classified as Tokyo’s secondary airport and aiming to attract low cost carriers.

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