Business Air HIS Tour H.I.S. to Operate Narita/Bangkok Charter by Business Air – Obtains Exclusive Distribution Rights for Japan
H.I.S. is to launch two-way charter flight operations in partnership with a Thai’s travel agency, Travel Design Air, using Business Air (8B) operated by Business Air Center. H.I.S. plans to apply to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) for approval to operate the two-way charter on a daily basis between Narita and Bangkok from March 15 to May 8. It will be the first flight to Japan by Business Air. H.I.S. meanwhile acquired from the airline the exclusive distribution rights for Japan.

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JALPAK JL and AA Tours to USA Japan Airlines and American Airlines Offer Tours to USA with JALPAK – JALPAK tours demonstrate merits of American Airlines and Japan Airlines joint business
To commemorate the joint business between Japan Airlines (JAL) and American Airlines (American) that will begin from April 1, 2011, JALPAK worked with both airlines to develop the “Japan Airlines/American Airlines ” – a series of outbound Japan tours to the United States combining the use of both airlines. Sales (in Japan-region only) will begin from February 17, 2011 at 2 pm (Japan standard time).

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