No more leaving your pets behind

Yet another thoughtful product of JTB to offer resort hotels around Tokyo that caters for pet owners taking their pet dogs and cats along on their trip. We have seen on television how pet owners would pamper their dogs and cats, some of them even lead a much better life than some of us.

The percentage of the baby boomer generation who are adopting pets are growing rapidly, and very soon they will be taking their retirement pension too. The propensity for travel will be greater. Believing that pet-lovers would not skimp a single cent knowing that there are hotels that welcome pets, hotel and tour operators quickly make their move into the new market. It is also highly commendable as some people might forgo their trips not wanting to leave their pets behind, now they can have a piece of mind and enjoy their trips together with their pets.


  • ペットと泊まれる宿 (valid from Oct07 to Mar08)
  • There are a total of 21 accommodations being introduced all over Kanto region, but you will have to check closely on the restrictions while some welcome both dogs and cats, others accept only pet dogs or little puppies.
  • Reservation can be made at the following;
• (Japanese only).
• JTB stores and affiliated agencies.

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Short trips not involving flight

It is a good time to take a look at package tour to cities not involving flight. There are a good number of destinations that are ideal for a short trip with some good examples below. The tours below offer you choice of accommodation only or with return rail ticket included as a package, plus optional meal selection and upgrade, so it is worth looking even if you have made your purchase for the JR Rail Pass.

I would also like to point out that when you look for an accommodation through the overseas online discounted hotels channel, chances are you will missed out attractive dining options that can be included as well. So why take your chances and just flip through the pages. By topping up a few thousand yen extra you could be treated to seasonal delicacies rather than a usual meal.

Optional JR plan Boso, Ibaraki, Niigata, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kusatsu, Nikko, Kinugawa, Shinsyu Matsumoto, Tochigi, Ise, Nanki, Nagoya, Hakone, Ito, Gunma, Hokuriku, Kanazawa, Tohoku, Karuizawa, Yamanashi, Mt.Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi and so on
Shinsyu Matsumoto, Karuizawa Tochigi Tohoku Yamanashi, Mt.Fuji, Fuji and lake Kawaguchi Boso, Ibaraki Niigata
Chugoku, Shikoku Hokuriku, Kanazawa Itou Ise, Nanki, Nagoya Hakone Gunma

An old friend of mine has been coming to visit Japan regularly, been to common places of interest like Hokkaido, Osaka, Fukuka and Okinawa, asked where else could he visit next. So I decided to make things easy for myself by sending him all these pamphlets as a parcel.

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