New Haneda ATC Tower Haneda Airport New Air Traffic Control Tower
Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport, Ota Ward, Tokyo), in anticipation of the opening of Haneda runway D, where it will allow for an increase of international flights, will switch using a new and taller air traffic tower.
The new tower will be the tallest air traffic control tower in Japan, exceeding Narita Airport’s air traffic control tower, which is 87 meters tall. With the big expansion plan going on in Haneda airport and because the coming 4th runway is being built offshore in Tokyo Bay about four kilometers away from the old tower, making it not possible to monitor aircraft movement without a much taller tower, has called for a new air traffic tower to be build costing around 7 billion yen.

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Sapporo New Chitose Airport New Chitose Airport to Increase Overseas Traffic Starting in Summer This Year
The announcement came on January 8 from the Ministry for Land Infrastructure Transport and Tourism (MLIT), with effect from March28, Sapporo New Chitose Airport, in Hokkaido will increase its landing and take-off slot for foreign carriers currently only allowed on Wednesday between 11:20am and 1:50pm to both Tuesday and Wednesday, with a wider time slot, between 12:00noon and 4:00pm, allowing it to cater a higher number of foreign carriers to use this airport.

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