Flight SNA58 emergency landing at Haneda airport with fire safety vehicle standing by Skynet Asia Airways lands safely in Haneda airport after landing gear trouble
A low-cost carrier based in Miyazaki (Kyushu, Japan), Skynet Asia Airways B737-400 aircraft has landed safely at Haneda airport, Tokyo today after having trouble with its right landing gear. SNA flight 58, carrying a total of 133 passengers and crew, left Miyazaki for Haneda at 15:15pm on the same day. The incident occured when it was preparing for landing, the pilots realised that the green gear lights in the cockpit indicating that the gears in extended and lock position did not illuminate despite with its gear lever lowered.

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Sakura Heliport Helicopter Shuttle Service German Airlines Lufthansa to follow ANA by Offering its First Class Passengers Helicopter Transfer from Narita Airport to Central Tokyo
Following after All Nippon Airways (ANA) shuttling its first class passengers arriving at Narita with a complimentary luxury helicopter ride from the Airport to central Tokyo, Lufthansa (LH) is introducing a similiar service for its premium passengers too, that commenced today and will end on 31 March.
Helicopter Shuttle ServicePassengers who bought a first class ticket on flight LH715 and LH714, Narita to Munich as well as for flight LH710, the Frankfurt to Narita sector, will be entitled a free helicopter transfer, whether departing for Narita or after arriving into Narita airport.

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