Jeju Air taxiing Japan and South Korea Sign Open Skies Agreement – No Upper Limit for Number of Routes and Airlines at Narita Effective from Summer 2013
A further expansion of the open skies deregulation agreement was reached after Japanese and South Korean aviation officials met in Tokyo on December 21 and 22, 2010. The two countries had already agreed on the open skies deregulation with the exception of operating to/from the Tokyo metropolitan area. As the upper limit of aircraft take-off and landing slots at Tokyo’s Narita Airport is slated to be increased to 270,000 in summer 2013, Japan is set to realize the open skies deregulation including services to/from Narita Airport. Should a phased increase of the slots become feasible before the summer 2013, the agreement states, it could allow both countries to accelerate part of the planned increase of flights and routes that include new entries of low-cost carriers (LCC).

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