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Okinawa is said to have the most beautiful beaches in all of Japan. The warm climate and its distinct culture makes you feel as if you weren't in Japan. And for most of the year the mercury stays above 20 degrees Celsius. There is always a good way to spend the time for anyone who visits Okinawa. Whether you want to find a quite beach resort, to enjoy the serenity and indulging in spas and treatments, or a place for your family to keep your children occupied with sightseeing activities and water sports. You will be spoilt for choice.

Pick up a few pamphlets and choose the right plan for your coming trip. The top travel agent would have easily more than a dozen different packages/vacation themes, and with some of the best deals available. A hotel and flight only package would suit someone either with a tight budget or one who is just looking for a simple vacation. There is the typical full package plan that includes almost everything such as return ticket, accommodation, full-board and sightseeing trips round the island on a seat-in coach. Usually such packages are on the high side.
There is always something for every budget, you may have heard of the discount set coupon (around 1000-2000yen, only available through the travel agent) that caters specially for visitors and it is meant for savings, where you can choose any 3 items out of a list of meal and dinning options, gifts, souvenirs, monorail ticket, taxi voucher, entrance ticket to attractions and so on. There are plentiful of packages that caters for ladies, offering spas and wellness treatments options included into the plan. Also available are packages ideal for groups and families that provide free water sports and in-house activities, and even a tour to a nearby remote island to experience what isolation is like! Speaking of which is my favourite package plan of all, it is the one that allows me to stay for 6 or 7 days with return ticket, accommodation and daily breakfast inclusive plan for the price of a 5-day plan but usually offered during the lull season. Do keep a lookout.

Hotels in Okinawa:
ANA Manza Beach Hotel Okinawa
Busena Terrace Beach Resort Okinawa
Daiwa Royal Zanpamisaki Hotel Okinawa
Grand Mer Hotel Okinawa
JAL Private Resort Okuma Okinawa
Kariyushi Beach Hotel Okinawa Island
Kariyushi Urban Resort Naha Okinawa
Laguna Garden Hotel Okinawa
Loisir Hotel Naha Okinawa
Miyako Hotel Okinawa

Miyuki Beach Hotel Okinawa
Moonbeach Hotel Okinawa Island
Hotel Alivila Hotel Yomitan Resort Okinawa
Okinawa Harbour View Crowne Plaza
Okinawa Port Hotel Naha Okinawa
Rizzan Sea Park Tancha Bay Okinawa
Terrace Hotel Naha Okinawa
Washington Hotel Nahashi Okinawa

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