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賃別荘 "Vacation rentals" is fast gaining popularity in the domestic room reservation market. It was first introduced few years back as an alternative for ski resorts in Hokkaido. It helped to ease a little in the shortage of ski accommodations and also to offer a wider range of prices. It is ideal for large families and groups looking out for a spacious living space or quite surrounding away from large crowd.

It no longer portray as a temporary solution to ease the shortage of accommodations during the ski season, it is now highly sought for in summer as well as other traveling peak seasons. And the location of these villas are slowly moving closer to big cities in Honshu too. Perhaps in a few more years to come, it will be one of your main choices of accommodation in Japan. The 'big three' have already started offering vacation rental accommodations as one of their regular travel products. Other operators are also keen to tap into this new market as well.

rental villa Travel Inn
Vacation Rentals
Covering 68 properties(villas and condominiums)

Some popular areas : Hakuba, Karuiza, Kusatsu, Chiba peninsular, Ito peninsular, Hakone, Lake Kawaguchi and so on..

rental villa JTB Sun&Sun
Vacation Rentals
Villas & condominiums

Properties in : Chiba peninsular, Ito peninsular, Shizuoka prefecture and other areas around Japan

Summer Vacation Part 1

We look at one of the most popular destinations on domestic travel for this summer. Okinawa and its neighboring islands(Ishigaki, Miyako, Kohama, Iriomote)

Group and individual travel plan to Okinawa, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Tohoku and Shikoku.
ANAで行くOkinawa Big Holiday Okinawa NTA Okinawa Super Price Okinawa Early summer Okinawa

For those who wish to plan their stay at one of the nearby islands other than the main island of Okinawa should opt for a package tour. It does help bring down the total cost. The starting price is somewhere in the higher range of 4+,+++yen from early to mid April and immediately after golden week(April29 to May6) from May7 till early June. Price peaks during the golden week holidays and move up gradually in June up till August.

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Cherry blossom viewing tours

The mercury has been dropping furiously for the whole week. And with wind knots going pass 40km/h frequently and we know spring has just arrived. Travel agents everywhere are displaying pinkish color pamphlets on their shelfs telling everyone the sakura viewing season is round the corner.

This pamphlet that I picked up, it is mostly 3D/2N plans with a few overnight plans, each offer Japanese style accommodations complete with Japanese course dinner and breakfast. Special dinner menu is being prepared during the hanami(cherry blossom viewing) season.
The various recommended cherry blossom viewing spots included; Hirosaki koen in Tohoku, Heian Jingu in Kyoto, Yoshinoyama in Nara and Takato Joshi Koen in Nagano to name a few.

cherry blossom viewing trips

  • Sakura viewing trip special (valid Mar20 till May07)
  • Regions: Tohoku, Chubu and Kansai.

  • With individual plans and escorted plans (departure guaranteed),
    A number of night-time sakura viewing courses.
  • Reservation can be made at the following;
• (Japanese only).
• JTB stores and affiliated agencies.

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