JAL Hina Matsuri Flight JAL and ANA celebrate "Hina Matsuri" Doll Festival with Hina Matsuri Flights
“Hina Matsuri” (in Japanese 雛祭り, Festival of Dolls) celebrated on March 3, is a once a year event during which little girls learn the importance of gentility and thoughtfulness, qualities they would need to become good wives and mothers in traditional Japanese society. A major feature of this celebration is the display of Hina Ningyo, special dolls representing aspects of the royal court during the Heian period (795-1185), usually arranged on a five- or seven-tiered stand that is covered with a celebratory red cloth and placed in the best room of the house.

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ILS glideslope and localizer Haneda Airport Prepares to Upgrade ILS to CAT-III Allowing Aircraft to Land Even in Almost Zero Visibility
Haneda airport is set to upgrade its Instrument Landing System (ILS) from the present Category II to Category III following cancellation of hundred over flights due to dense fog last week. Last Thursday in the morning, an area of warm, moist air flowed into the Kanto region from the south, which cooled over Tokyo Bay, caused fog to flow into coastal areas.

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