Narita airport Narita to See 270,000 Aircraft Movements by 2012 – Considering Plans for LCC-Dedicated Facilities As Well
Narita International Airport Corporation (NAA) formulated its medium term business plan for the fiscal year 2010-2012. With the current corporate business plan, NAA has realized an expansion of the take-off and landing slots and the improvement of public traffic accessibility from city center. NAA now aims to address a role of an international hub airport for Tokyo metropolitan area and East Asia, while responding to the severe environment that the airline industry is continuously facing and the ongoing changes in the government's aviation policy. In terms of the number of take-off and landing slots, in particular, NAA plans for the further expansion up to 300,000 on the premise that it wins the understanding of the local community.

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check in counters at Ibaraki airport In demand construction projects but not airports in demand; Many unprofitable airports with over optimistic forecast come to light
No use crying over spilled milk now, I must say. you build it so they will come・and so that investors will flood the door when infrastructure is in place. Who are to be blamed? Those who hope to profit from the economic benefit an airport are just as guilty, don't just blame it on the salesman, the people in the office who decided the construction of the airport. However they will not sleep well every night without being pricked by guilt.

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