LinChiLing Qualita PR Event H.I.S. Launches High-grade Tours with "QUALITA" Brand, Aiming to Sell 10 Billion Yen Three Years Later
Passporte Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of H.I.S. Co., launched on May 18 a new tour brand "QUALITA" and opened three stores to sell the tours of the brand at Ginza, Omote-Sando, and Shinjuku. The tour series, whose basic concept underlines hospitality, is set for 11 destinations with tour prices ranging between 200,000 yen to 250,000 yen. Akira Hirabayashi, president of H.I.S., says QUALITA takes place of Premium Ciao that H.I.S. started in 2009 and is intended not for wealthy people but for those who seek quality travel.

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