JATA Travel Fair JATA World Travel Fair 2009: Press & Travel Trade Visitor Preview
Preview of the 2009 JATA World Travel Fair held at Tokyo Big Sight on Friday, designated as the press & travel trade day. The turnout was enormous with large groups of student visitors from tourism college as well as travel trade professionals local and overseas.
Having spent slightly more than an hour hopping from booth to booth, participating in some games and exchanging a few words with the exhibitors, I have gathered a big bag full of travel materials as well as goodies such as souvenirs and mementos from airlines, tourism boards, tour operators and so on to bring home with.

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Mitsuoka Orochi Mitsuoka Motor Company Introduces Rental Car Service in Tokyo
How about an Orochi or Himiko as your choice of rental car? Mitsuoka Motor not known by some but definitely leave some deep impression with automobile fans, has began to introduce a rental car service from its Tokyo showroom.
The Orochi (大蛇), a 3,300cc two-seater coupe and the Himiko (卑弥呼), a 2,000cc two-seater convertible, are available for single day rental at 25,000yen and 20,000yen. Special rate is available for three consecutive days rental, at 45,000 yen and 36,000 yen, respectively. Reservation begins Oct. 1

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