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Air Canada launches campaign to promote Narita/Calgary route on TV commercial and website

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Air Canada (AC)Air Canada (AC), Travel Alberta, Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) and Banff Lake Louise Tourism will jointly launch “Canadian Rockies Express” campaign for the promotion of AC’s Narita/Calgary direct service to be resumed in the summer schedule starting from the end of March 2011.

The campaign starts from the end of January 2011using TV commercial and a website. The main target is the people in the age group of late 20s and 30s and active seniors who love marathon and mountain climbing. The campaign is intended to stimulate demand by appealing the Canadian Rockies’ magnificent nature with footage and the website.

As an incentive for travel agents, AC offers VISA gift cards to be used as a giveaway to the customers who travel on the tours taking Narita/Calgary flight during April and May 2011. The gift cards are pre-paid cards good for use in the province of Alberta. Those staying more than two nights in Alberta on the tour get cards worth C$25 and those staying more than three nights get C$50 worth.

Moreover, the travel agent that achieved the highest sales record is awarded with a free trip to Alberta for a pair which includes hotel accommodation, return flight tickets and entrance to local attractions. The campaign is designed to boost demand with dual approaches to consumers and travel agents.

Air Canada campaignMs Kiyo Weiss, Sales and Marketing Manager Japan at AC, said that the load factor of Narita/Calgary route in the summer 2010 was satisfactory with an occupancy of 80 to 90%. Since the airline aims to increase flights or operate year-round in the future, it acknowledges the period right after the commencement of the service – April and May – becomes a crucial time for sustained operation; that is why the campaign is put in place at that time. Ms Misae Konishi, Market Development Director Japan at Travel Alberta, made a suggestion to include Calgary as “the cowboy town” in a tour itinerary together with walking and skiing program, expecting travelers to spend more nights in Alberta.

In order to send a message that tourists can discover various ways to enjoy themselves and find attractions in the Canadian Rockies, the promotional tagline, “Turn a traveler to an adventurer,” was created for the TV commercial with the Canadian Rockies shown as a backdrop. The commercial is to be televised only in the Kanto area from January 24 to 30, but promotional DVDs for travel agent store use are available upon request.

The campaign site will upload from the beginning of January till March 2011. The site provides information of travel agent’s tour products as well as a photo gallery and description of popular local tourist spots. It will serve as a campaign tool for prompting consumers to buy a Canadian tour and stimulating demand after the TV commercial period is over.

Source: Travel Vision

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