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First Aircraft Painted with Latest Crane Livery Takes Flight

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Japan Airlines, JALYesterday, February 28, Japan Airlines (JAL) officially unveiled a brand new Boeing 767-300ER painted with the airline’s latest crane livery at its maintenance center in Tokyo, Haneda. This is the first aircraft in its fleet to bear the new representation of the airline company. The change in logo was announced last month on January 19, alongside the Group’s new philosophy and corporate policy which underscore the company’s re-commitment to provide the highest levels of service to customers and to raise its corporate value in order to contribute to the advancement of society.

JAL Aircraft with crane liveryAt JAL’s monthly press conference, which was also held yesterday at the maintenance center at 10.00am, JAL announced operating profits of 7.3 billion yen on a consolidated basis for the month of January, and a total of 165.9 billion yen for the period from April 2010 to January 2011. Following the conference, media in attendance were invited to the hangar where JAL Group President Masaru Onishi unveiled the new 767-300ER spotting the red circular crane that will from hence be the symbol of JAL.
“The significance of adopting this new motif after a year since we entered the corporate reorganization proceedings in January 2010 is to mark the rebirth of Japan Airlines,” said Onishi. “Possessing again, the pioneer spirit like staff members at the time of JAL’s founding, we will take on the challenges ahead as we resolve to continue serving customers with swift responses and hospitality from the heart.”

The aircraft will be inaugurated as a scheduled international flight to Beijing from Tokyo (Haneda) on March 2, 2011. Its first flight however, took off yesterday afternoon as a commemorative flight from Haneda to Kushiro in Northern Hokkaido where actual red-crowned cranes can be seen in winter. This flight was part of a special one-day tour organized in collaboration with JAL Tours to mark the occasion, and included a visit to one of Kushiro’s several crane sanctuaries.

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