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AB-ROAD Survey: Vast Number of Domestic Travelers Could Be Motivated to Become Overseas Travelers – Source of Future Demand

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AB-ROADAB-ROAD, a travel unit of Recruit Co., made researches on how people conceive their travel plan, be it domestic travel or overseas travel, and make final decision on their trip. It concluded in the research that domestic travelers have high potentiality to become overseas travelers in the future. It took a survey of people’s travel records during one year from December 2009 to November 2010 and found that the number of domestic travelers who also made an outbound trip was twice as many as those who went abroad but did not make any domestic trip. Meanwhile, concerning those who weighed domestic travel and overseas travel in deciding their destinations and finally picked up domestic travel, their decisive reason to have done so was their interest in some particular destination or specific tourist attraction, according to the replies given by the greatest number of the respondents.

Masahiro Inagaki, chief researcher of AB-ROAD Research Center, drew some conclusions from these findings. He says promotional activities would better pay off when they are directed to those experienced in domestic travel than being extended haphazardly. He also maintains clear-cut purpose or travel theme will spark latent demand in the outbound travel market as well. Recognizing those market traits, he proposes that travel agencies make their sales efforts from such perspective to capture demand, in concert with the promotions of foreign government tourist offices and airlines.

With reference to promotional strategy worked out by the foreign government tourist offices and airlines, he argues that brand image imprinting on domestic travelers is far more important than exhaustive nationwide advertisements, sending a clear message about where to go and what to do. It is also advisable, he said, to pick up a single killer content for effective presentation and focus on it in addressing the target segments.

As to sales maneuver of travel agencies, his proposition is about a displaying technique at the storefront, which is considered as one of the useful means of delivering their messages. Usually tour literature is placed in classification of overseas and domestic travel; but it can be mixed and rearranged according to the duration of tours or on other criteria whereby domestic traveler may turn their eyes to an overseas trip for comparison. In another instance, customer base might be different depending on the location of the travel agency like residential area or business district. Then it would be more appealing to the customers in the area to make different cover of brochures matching their tastes even if the contents are the same.

The above research was made in two-stage method with Macromill monitors. In the first stage, they were questioned if they had ever planned any stay-over trip, be it a domestic trip or an overseas trip, for the period from December 2009 to November 2010 and if they really made the trip. Those who replied to the above in the affirmative and actually went on a domestic trip with overnight stay were picked up for the detailed questions of the second stage. In addition to the data of this research, results of jalan’s “Survey on Stay-over Trips 2010” and those of “Overseas Travel Survey 2010” conducted by INTAGE Inc. with INTAGE web monitors were also referred to.

Source: Travel Vision

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