Preschools and English conversation schools in Japan

RiverCity Chuo-Ku

Conversation Class and Business English for adults

English Conversation Class is conducted one on one or maximum of 2 students to a teacher. The teacher will ask good questions, and correct any grammatical errors. The student is encouraged to speak, not the teacher. Writing is not such an important component for an English conversation school, and listening comes in the mix so we concentrate on speaking and reading with the objective of attaining fluency as quickly as possible. Reading can also be done at home of course, but we are using technical subjects most of the time to cover a wide range of vocabulary. Classes suitable for senior high, tertiary students and working adults.

We offer a good course for business people in three levels of difficulty from basic business to quite challenging! Using the Oxford textbook Business One: One which features a lot of role plays and situational and technical business content many business people are enjoying this course! You are also welcome to do a short 3 month introductory course if you choose and is featured on this website. Teachers are native English and high level.

Children Preschool

Rivercity Playgroup offers three basic programs: Preschool, Music and Movement class and Kinder-School. Our Preschool Curriculum is based on The Creative Curriculum, developed by Teaching Strategies Inc, used in high-quality early childcare centers and educational settings throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. Each program includes circle-time, group activities, arts and craft as well as self-directed free play time. Through these activities and daily plans we help children while in separation from their parents to develop their independence, creativity, social and emotional skills, physical skills, and cognitive skills. It is a fun program for both native and non-native speaking children, and as the primary language spoken is English, it is a very effective way for children to learn English too!

Introductory Class on Baby Sign Language

Everyone wants to communicate with their baby. As well, parents' babies want to talk with their parents, but they weren`t really about to at all, until baby sign language came along. Baby sign language lets parents and babies communicate using hand and arm gestures based in American sign language. We teach basic points and tricks on how to begin Baby Sign Language. We also talk about the effects on babies after using Baby Sign Language communication. In America, the baby sign language system has been increasing in popularity in the last 20 years.

Afterschool Care Program

Afterschool Care Program is a long stay program where children can spend productive time after leaving elementary school before going home. The afterschool classes are in our jungle room where you find a wall mural of jungle animals. The class open at 3:00pm so children can come to the jungle room directly from school, and between 3:00pm to 4:00pm you can do your homework from school or practice English conversation with teachers and you are also welcome to play table games with friends in the room. The carefully planned curriculum starts from 4:00pm. It contains circle time, art & craft, music & movement, science & math, social study and literacy which includes reading and writing practice as well as one to one English conversation time with a native English teacher. If your child has never been studying English, don't worry, we have a bilingual Japanese teacher who can support children's needs. If your child came from an international environment, we can arrange a different worksheet depending on student's ability. We make art & craft time more challenging for this class compared to kinderschool or advanced preschool. Children can stay with us safely until 6:00pm, the program's finishing time when Moms come to pick the children up.

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RiverCity Chuo-Ku RiverCity English School

CITTA 301 1-1-8 Tsukishima Chuo Ku Tokyo 104-0052
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