Frequently asked questions

You have a question not found in the FAQ. Send them to us at tomo[at]tokyotomo[dot]com. Below are some frequently asked questions by our travel users.

1. Can I purchase ticket online?
Yes you can. However you should know that we are not responsible for any sales conducted direct or indirect using this website. Sales are conducted by a third party (our advertisers) and usually you will be directed to the advertiser's website.

2. Can I buy tickets through you?
We do not get involved in the transaction. We only assist by providing information and directing travel users to the right travel agents.

3. Where can I buy cheap one way ticket to Okinawa?
Try Skymark airlines website first to have a look at the price. The good news is now you are able to buy one way discount tickets directly from Skymark airlines online reservation in English. Should the lowest price discount ticket be sold out you can try certain travel agents specializing in discounted ticket with fares pretty similiar to its lowest price.

4. Where can I find the cheapest price for a return trip to Kyoto?
I assume your trip is for 1 - 2 nights and not during the peak season. JTB-Sunrise "Kyoto free plan" will be something worth considering. It comes with return ticket using Hikari/Nozomi Shinkansen plus staying in a business hotel (without breakfast), when you compare it with similiar plan the price is unbeatable. I wouldn't say it is the cheapest in price because there are lower prices should you decide to go on a tour bus and use a lower category hotel.

5. Is there a cut off date for buying a package plan?
No for shinkansen plans and yes for flight package plans. You can purchase a shinkansen plan a day before. Unlike flight package plan, there is a cut of date for purchase. Most will require you to purchase at least 10 days before the departure and in the case of Skymark airlines round trip package plans, you can get them with more than 5 days before the departure.

Part II

Frequently asked questions pertaining to free listing in the directory.

1. Must I advertise with you in order to be listed in your directory?
No, there is no payment required and you do not have to advertise with us to be listed.

2. My company is engaging in many travel-related services, can I list them all separately in your directory?
Yes, we gladly list them all under the 4 categories that we have. 1. Domestic and international flight ticketing, 2. Tours operation, 3. Mobile rental and services, 4. Land transport, car hire and passenger vehicle rental. Work is underway to add an additional category for hotels and ryokans.

3. Is there a limit to the number of words describing the services that my company is offering?
Yes, since it is a free listing we do restrict the description of your service to a line or two. And if you like what we are doing, try placing your service in the featured offer section. This way potential customers know what your company is offering.

Part III

Frequently asked questions by our advertisers to be.

1. Can I advertise with you on a trial basis?
Yes, why not. Let us know how you want to do it and we will oblige.

2. Can I change and update my classified advertisement?
Yes, you can change the information for your classified ad as and when necessary to effectively market your service. You just need to fax us the text or email it to us and we will have it changed first thing the following day.

3. Can I stop advertising with you and continue after a few months?
We can accommodate that. There is no obligations to continue advertising with us. And we do not bear grudge or penalize you for discontinuing. If you intend to advertise your product/service during certain time of the year only let us know before hand and we can work out a plan.

4. We are a licenced travel agent specializing in domestic ticketing in Japan. We like to start selling tickets to foreigners. There are so many tickets to offer, what product should I introduce to my customers given so many of them around? Where should I start?
We suggest that you first target where your customers are likely to be in. Focus on Hokkaido, Okinawa and Kyoto where the numbers are high. There is still room for more agencies and to provide real good service by foreigners standard.

5. Can you mention the fees to touch up my website?
I charge 10,000yen for every 5 pages or part thereof. All contents with text must be ready at hand during our meeting. Separately my travel expenses will be added to the total bill. I am speedy with my work and usually complete every project in a day or two. I choose projects that are straight forward and doesn't take away too much time from my other commitments.

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