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Fireworks ԉΑ

Sumida River Fireworks

Sumida River Fireworks cԉΑ
Famous for Japan's largest fireworks display, are held on the final Saturday of July. They are held between the Umayabashi Bridge and the Komagatabashi Bridge and between the Kototoibashi Bridge and the Sakurabashi Bridge over the Sumida River, from 7:10 to 8:30 p.m. Setting off nearly 20,000 rockets, with top firework making companies competing against one another, is the biggest and most spectacular in Tokyo. The narrowness of the Sumida River restricts the size, especially between high buildings, of fireworks and therefore the pyrotechnicians must take that fact into consideration and use appropriately sized fireworks, smaller but still thrilling and beautiful in the eyes of onlookers.

The fireworks originated from the traditional Ryogoku fireworks in the Edo period and were revived in 1978 as the Sumida River fireworks, with a fireworks contest having been held since 1982. Like green tea, Chinese characters and silk, fireworks first arrived in Japan from China. Since then, they have very much become part of the culture, with firework parties taking place up and down the country during summer.

The Japanese word for firework, hanabi, means fire-flower, and the short-lived beauty of a firework has much in common with that of the celebrated cherry blossom, so it's no surprise that the Japanese turn out in their droves to firework festivals.

This, Japan's most beautiful summertime fireworks display, regularly draws about one million spectators. It has been confirmed that the 31th Sumida River Fireworks will be held on July26 Saturday from 7:10pm to 8:30pm. In the event of bad weather, it will be postponed to the following day.
Venue 1: between Sakura-bashi and Kototoibashi - 9350 rockets
Venue 2: between Komagata-bashi and Umaya-bashi - 10,650 rockets

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Tokyo Bay Fireworks Festival, Rainbow bridge Tokyo Bay Fireworks Festival

Tokyo Bay Fireworks Festival p؉΍

A Tokyo summer tradition that grows in popularity year by year. A thrilling display of over 12,000 fireworks of all shapes, colors and sizes that sets Tokyo’s night ablaze against the backdrop of Tokyo Bay and its Rainbow Bridge. The 21st Tokyo Bay Fireworks Festival is scheduled for August 10 this year.

In the Tokyo area, this is the only place we can see super-large fireworks burst in huge patterns in the sky. Twelve thousand (12,000) colorful explosives are set off around the Tokyo Bay; rockets, pinwheels, sparklers can be seen from a wide area and attracts huge crowds. We will witness the two foremost fireworks companies of Japan, namely Hosoya and Marutamaya compete in displaying the most spectacular firework displays for the onlookers.
Japanese people love for fireworks can be seen by the huge turnout and the numerous events throughout the country during summer. Usually on Saturday evenings, from late July to mid-August.

The Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks Festival is held at the Chuo City Harumi Ground and its vicinity. The Harumi main festival site is restricted to only those who have admission tickets, but the displays can also be viewed from other festivals sites nearby. Though visitors are welcome, the sites close off admission as soon as they reach their capacities for the day.

Getting to the Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks Festival is quite simple, and there are a number of routes one may take to reach the place. The access routes to the venue, that is, Chuo City Harumi Ground, are:

- 15-minute walk from Kachidoki Sta. on the Toei subway Oedo Line
- 20-minute walk from Toyosu Sta. or Tsukishima Sta. on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line
- 25-minute walk from Tsukiji Sta. or Higashi-ginza Sta. on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
- 25-minute walk from Higashi-ginza Sta. on the Toei subway Asakusa Line
- 30-minute walk from Etchujima Sta. on the JR Keiyo Line

See other fireworks events held throughout Japan.

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