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Japan Auto Auction

Japanese used vehicle exporting is a large global business which deals in the export of used cars and vehicles from the Japanese domestic market to numerous markets around the world.
Japanese used cars are mainly sold in Japan at auto auctions by car owners and dealers. At auto auctions, owners are hidden from bidders while the auctioneers provide independent car evaluations and place for sellers and buyers to meet. Although auto auctions are primarily for Japanese residents seeking an alternative from buying at dealerships, many exporters, acting as a bidding agent for the importer, use this as their main supply. Below are some of the major auto auction groups operating throughout Japan.

Asnet Auto Auctions Asnet Auto Auctions, AAA
Website : asnet.autoserver.co.jp
Location :
Note :

Arai Auto Auction Group Arai Auto Auction Group, ARAI
Website : www.araiaa.jp
Location : Kanagawa, Fukuoka, Oyama, Sendai
Note : There are 2 auctions in Oyama: one for cars on Thursday and one for vans/trucks on Saturday

Website : www.assetline.com
Location : Kanagawa
Note : Online auction site for construction machineries and vehicles.

Website : www.aucnet.co.jp
Location : Kanto
Note : TV/Satellite network auction is used.

Bay Auc Bay Auc
Website : www.bay-auc.com
Location : Osaka
Note :

BCN Auto Auction BCN Auto Auction, BCN
Website : www.bcnaa.jp
Location : Saitama
Note :

Chubu Auto Auctions Chubu Auto Auctions, CAA
Website : www.caanet.jp
Location : Nagoya
Note :

Global Auction Online Global Auction Online, GAO!
Website : www.gao.tv
Location : Tokyo, Nagoya
Note :

Global Nexus Network Auto Auction Global Nexus Network Auto Auction, GNN
Website : www.gnn-aa.jp
Location : Osaka
Note :

8710 Hanaten Auto Auctions 8710 Hanaten Auto Auctions, HAA
Website : www.8710.ne.jp
Location : Osaka
Note :

Honda Auto Auctions Honda Auto Auctions, HAA
Website : www.honda-uc.com
Location : Tokyo, Fukuoka, Hokkaido, Kansai, Nagoya, Sendai
Note :

Hyogo Auto Auctions Hyogo Auto Auctions, HAA
Website : www.haakobe.com
Location : Kobe
Note :

HERO Members Auto Auction
Website : hero.livelink.ne.jp
Location : Saitama
Note :

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