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Rechargeable calling cards with international calling capabilities to 200+ worldwide destinations at the most competitive rates. It can be topped up or recharged at most convenience stores all over Japan as well as with the use of credit cards. With wonderful low rates, you can experience excellent connectivity and longer air time.

various pre-paid calling cards

1696 prepaid calling card access plus  prepaid calling card aicom 50  prepaid calling card aicom super asia card alpha prepaid calling card Brastel prepaid calling card CMM direct prepaid calling card Comica prepaid calling card Cosmo Gold prepaid calling card Dragon prepaid calling card Jin Ji prepaid calling card KDDI Super World prepaid calling card MCI Exchange prepaid calling card NTT World prepaid calling card Oriental recharge prepaid calling card Primus Phone Bank prepaid calling card SK Olynpics prepaid calling card Sky World prepaid calling card Viva Plus prepaid calling card Xin Hua prepaid calling card

International calling cards in Japan

Pre-paid calling cards

Pre-paid calling cards allow you to make international calls at low rates from a public phone or fixed phone without having to pay for domestic call charge. Cards are available at most local convenience stores(such as Lawsons, Family Marts, 7-Elevens) and can also be bought online, by telephone or by mail order.

・ Viva Plus viva.kiy.jp
・ Brastel www.brastel.co.jp
・ DWC D-Phone World Card www.d-phone.net/dwc
・ GlobalTel www.globaltel.jp
・ G-Call www.g-call.com
・ WorldLink www.worldlink-tel.com
・ GreenCall www.greencall.jp
・ CrediCall www.credicall.net
・ DSI Telecom www.dsi.ne.jp
・ World Dial www.media-21.com/MTC
・ Global Tank www.ultracall.co.jp
・ ICS Japan www.icsjapan.com
・ Neo-Platinum www.neo-platinumcard.net

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