E-Commerce in Japan

E-Commerce in Japan

Online retailing business
Shopping sites are growing rapidly in Japan helped by the lower costs of setting up a business online. Some shopping sites allow merchants to participate in selling their own products too. Here are some resources that may be of use to you if you are contemplating to start a small home business selling goods in Japan.

Going a little further you will realise that the Japanese e-commerce sites have an unique payment system where shoppers can choose from various payment options; credit card, personal check/money order, electronic money, cash transfer from either a bank or a post office, cash on delivery(COD), registered cash mail, and payment at the nearest convenience store.

The Japanese consumers who are or were once reluctant to use their credit cards for online shopping, have grown the online retailing business to a multi-million dollars market with potential for further growth, changing how business is conducted. Convenience stores filled the gap between consumers and online retailers, allowing shoppers to pay in cash for their merchandises ordered online.

Rakuten Ichiba
Rakuten Ichiba website site URL: www.rakuten.co.jp

Yahoo Japan Shopping
Yahoo Japan Shopping website site URL: shopping.yahoo.co.jp

Amazon Japan
Amazon Japan site URL: www.amazon.co.jp

Goo Shopping
Goo Shopping website site URL: shop.goo.ne.jp

Bidders website site URL: www.bidders.co.jp

Azoocha Shopping Community
Azoocha Shopping Community website site URL: www.azoocha.jp

Livedoor Depart Shopping website site URL: depart.livedoor.com

Net Price
Net Price website site URL: www.netprice.co.jp

Calamel website site URL: calamel.jp

EC Navi
EC Navi website site URL: shop.ecnavi.jp

kakaku.com website site URL: kakaku.com

E Store
E Store website site URL: estore.co.jp

Shopping Search Aladdin
Shopping Search Aladdin website site URL: www.shopping-search.jp

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