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Guesthouse and Rental Apartment

A guesthouse (a.k.a. "gaijin house", meaning "foreigner house") is an inexpensive type of accommodation for foreigners. They are commonly found in big cities like Tokyo and Osaka. They could be either managed independently or owned by realty companies, which may operate multiple houses across the city. They are available for both short-term and long-term stay, ideal for those who want to avoid the hassle and the expense of renting and furnishing a conventional apartment. Search here for real estate agents in residential and commercial real estate properties in Tokyo and other cities.

Guesthouses and rental apartments in Tokyo - See Osaka

・ Mayflower House www.roppongi-mayflower-house.com
・ Green Court Ltd www.greencourttokyo.com
・ TenTen Guesthouse www.tokyo-guesthouse.com
・ Guesthouse Toraya www.guesthouse-shinjuku.com
・ InterHouse www.tokyointerhouse.com
・ Tokyo Kakan Guest House www.semilla.co.jp
・ Tokyo Living Corporation www.tokyoliving.net
・ DK House www.e-guesthouse.com
・ Guest house Borderless-tokyo www.guesthouse-tokyo.jp www.borderless-tokyo.com
・ Khaosan Tokyo Hostel www.khaosan-tokyo.com
・ Yours Corporation www.yours-rent.com
・ Create Shared House www.accommodation-japan.com
・ J&F Plaza www.jafnet.co.jp
・ Room Japan www.roomjapan.com
・ Oak House www.oakhouse.jp
・ Fontana Co. Ltd www.tokyocityapartments.net
・ Tohto Guest House www.t-guesthouse.jp
・ Fresh Room www.freshroom.jp
・ Guest House Chofu Tokyo www.guesthouse-c-tokyo.com
・ Tokyo Maison www.tokyomaison.jp
・ ESTATE GALLERY Co. Ltd www.eg-wave.com
・ Tokyo Hostel www.tokyohostel.com
・ BeeWon guest House www.beewonguesthouse.com
・ EN Flat Tokyo www.mmtl.jp
・ Tatami Guest House www.tatami-guesthouse.com
・ Guesthouse Japan www.guesthousejapan.net
・ Tokyo Asakusa Kaminarimon House www.asakusa-kaminarimon.com
・ Cosy House www.cozyhouse.net
・ Andon Ryokan www.andon.co.jp
・ Tokyo Ryokan www.tokyoryokan.com
・ Guest House Koyomiya www.koyomiya.jp
・ Friendship House Group www.gaijinhouse.com
・ Bauhouse www.bauhousetokyo.com
・ Inter Whao Co. Ltd www.interwhao.com
・ Bamboo House www.bamboo-house.com
・ Tokyo Apartment www.tokyoapartment.com
・ Tokyo Apartments www.tokyoapartments.jp
・ Oakridge Housing www.oakridge-housing.com
・ Tokyo Apartment & Office Center www.apartment-office.com
・ Tokyo Rent www.tokyorent.com
・ Happy house www.tokyohappyhouse.com
・ Ichii Corporation www.japt.co.jp
・ Mondestay www.mondestay.com
・ Minowa Homes www.minowagroup.jp
・ Nichio Koyu Kikaku www.tokyo-information.com
・ S-FIT www.sfit.co.jp
・ Amms Estate Ltd www.amms.co.jp
・ Easy Rent Tokyo Ltd www.easyrent-tokyo.com
・ Yadoya Guesthouse www.cheap-accommodation-tokyo.com
・ Shrek Watta House www.shrek-watta-house.com
・ Sakura Group www.sakura-house.com www.sakura-hostel.co.jp
・ Guest House Tokyo www.guest-house-tokyo.com
・ Guest House Co. Ltd www.guesthouse.co.jp
・ Hoyo Tokyo www.hoyotokyo.jp
・ Global Agents www.global-agents.co.jp www.j-amscourt.com
・ Imagining Real Estate Agency www.imagining.jp
・ Create Guest House www.create-gh.jp

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