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Rental car and car hire services in Japan

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Educational Tour partnership with Travel Pal Travel Pal Co Ltd We are catered for overseas travel agents, organizations and private groups wishing to arrange for bus hire, bus transfers from the airport or from your hotel to the cruise terminal, or arranging a chartered bus along with a professional local tour guide for a city tour. Please do contact us to seek for a quotation.

Bus hire

Listed are Charter bus companies to contact to make charter bus reservations in Tokyo
and nearby cities. To view full list of bus companies through Japan from Hokkaido all the down way to Okinawa.

1. Limousine Bus ・ www.limousinebus.co.jp
2. Human Vehicle Co.,Ltd ・ www.tabiashi.com
3. BasuMado ・ www.basumado.com
4. Imai Sightseeing Bus ・ www.mmy.ne.jp/imai-bus/narita/index.html
5. Kanto Kanko ・ ktc.mystaff.co.jp
6. Eagle Bus Group ・ www.new-wing.co.jp
7. TabiBus ・ www.tabi-bus.jp
8. Oshidori Kanko ・ www.oshidori.co.jp
9. Top Nutti Tourist ・ www.topnutti.com
10. New Tokyo Kanko ・ www.newtokyokanko.co.jp
11. M&M Travel ・ www.mm-travel.co.jp
12. World Kanko Bus ・ www.worldbus.co.jp
13. New Japan Trip ・ www.newjapantrip.co.jp
14. Gifu Bus ・ www.gifubus.co.jp
15. FAN ・ www.fan2fan.co.jp
16. Rainbow Bus ・ www.rainbow-bus.com
17. Busde.com ・ www.busde.biz
18. Ikoh Tourist ・ www.ikoh.co.jp
19. Next Location Service ・ www.next-ls.com
20. Heiwa Corporation ・ www.heiwa-co.com
21. Hiroko Kanko ・ www.hiroko-group.co.jp
22. Kokusai Kogyo ・ www.kokusaikogyo.co.jp
23. Sanko Kashikiri Bus ・ www.sanko-kashikiri.net
24. Mc Travel Bureau ・ www.bus-raku.com
25. Ugo Kotsu ・ www.ugokotsu.co.jp
26. Forest Bus ・ www.forestbus.jp
27. Busya Tabitaro ・ www.busya-tabitaro.com

Rental Bike

1. Tokyo Bike ・ www.hinomaru.co.jp/TokyoBike
2. Orix Rental Car, Tokyo Sta. branch only (Yaesu Exit) ・ Tel: 03-3231-0543 Map
3. Extremo Rental a bike in Tokyo ・ www.a-extremo.com
4. Kyoto Rent-a-Cycle ・ www.kctp.net/en/
5. MUJI Rental Bicycle ・ www.mujiyurakucho.com
6. Setagaya Ward Rental Bicycle Service ・ www.city.setagaya.tokyo.jp
7. Bunkyo Ward Rental Bicycle Service ・ www.city.bunkyo.lg.jp
8. Yokohama Hama-Chari ・ niceyokohama.web.infoseek.co.jp

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Car rental

Renting a car is an option worth considering especially where access by public transportation can be inconvenient and service infrequent. However you need to have an International driving licence to drive legally in Japan. Listed are car rental companies and websites where you are able to make reservation for car rental online. Most companies offer pick up of vehicle at the airport or city center branch. Car rental companies usualy operate from 8am to 8pm with a small numbers operating round the clock.
(* Tokyo Sta. Yaesu-Dori branch is operating 24hrs )

1. Nissan Rent-A-Car ・ www.nissan-rentacar.com *
2. JAL 旅セット ・ www.jal.co.jp/tours/jaltours
3. IB Rent-a-car ・ www.nms-ibr.co.jp/ib
4. Toyota Rent-a-car ・ rent.toyota.co.jp
5. Mazda Rent-a-car ・ www.mazda-rentacar.co.jp
6. Nippon Rent-a-car ・ www.nipponrentacar.co.jp
7. Fuji Rent-a-car ・ fujiren.jp
8. Orix Rent-a-car ・ car.orix.co.jp
9. Budget Rent-a-car ・ www.e-budget.co.jp
10. Rental at Navi ・ www.rental-car.jp
11. Tabi Rent-a-car ・ www.tabiren.com
12. Wing Rent-a-car ・ www.wing-rent.co.jp
13. First Rent-a-car・ www.first-rent.com
14. Sky Rent-a-car ・ www.x-okinawa.com
15. J-net Rent-a-car ・ www.j-netrentacar.co.jp
16. eRental ・ www.0123.ne.jp
17. R4 Station Rent-a-car ・ www.r-4.jp
18. OTS Rent-a-car ・ www.otsrentacar.ne.jp
19. Eki Rent-a-car ・ www.ekiren.co.jp
20. Z Kaihatsu Rent-a-car ・ www.z-rent.net
21. Rent-a-car Hanashiro ・ www.car-hanashiro.com
22. Gaijin Inc Expat Auto Solutions ・ www.gaijininc.com
23. Celeb Rent-a-car ・ www.celeb-r.com
24. ToCoo rental ・ www2.tocoo.jp

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