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Jumbo Tours offer a wide range of packages to Okinawa, from high-end tours to value-for-money trips and everything in between. We offer domestic and international air travel and tours departing from most major cities in Japan. We can arrange charter airplanes for large groups and tours. We also provide personalized travel service in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese as well. Offices in Okinawa and Tokyo.

Japan travel agent listing

Japanese Travel Agents

Listed here are local companies that offer domestic flight tickets and travel packages. Most of the websites allow you to make your booking online(website in Japanese only). For non-Japanese speaker, you may wish to refer to this page for list of travel agents that provide foreign language service.

・ 空旅.com Licence No.2-4890 www.soratabi.com
・ 旅どきnet Licence No.2-2743 www.jreast.co.jp/tabidoki
・ 旅ポケ.com Licence No.2-5947 www.tabipoke.com
・ 11network.com Licence No.2-2834 www.11network.com
・ 割チケ.jp Licence No. www.wariticket.jp
・ ACCESS INTERNATIONAL Licence No.1559 www.acc-inter.com
・ AIR TOYO Licence No.1663 www6.big.or.jp/~toyo
・ AIR LINK Licence No.1-982 www.airlink.co.jp
・ AIR ORIENT Licence No.1794 www.tokuwari.co.jp
・ ATLANTIS TOURS Licence No.3-4158 www.atlantistours.net
・ AIRS GATE Licence No.2-5713 www.air-j.com
・ ALPHA RESORT TRAVEL Licence No.2-2949 www.art-tour.co.jp
・ A&A TOUR Licence No.1-1289 www.aatour.co.jp
・ A&A AIR SERVICE Licence No.1-1219 www.aaac.co.jp
・ BEST SKI TOURS CENTER Licence No.2-1798 www.chubu-t.co.jp
・ CLUB TOURISM Licence No.1-1693 www.club-t.com
・ COOP TRAVEL CENTER Licence No.1595 www.coopnet.or.jp/ot/travel
・ CENTRAL TOURIST Licence No.1-555 www.5454.co.jp
・ DAIICHI KANKO Licence No.1-1508 www.daiichikanko.com
・ DOSHIN KANKO TRAVEL SERVICE Licence No.2-477 www.doshinkanko.com
・ EUREX Licence No.1616 www.flightshop.jp
・ e-koukuuken.com Licence No.2-3452 www.e-koukuuken.com
・ EXPLORER LTD Licence No.2-3923 www.expl.co.jp
・ E-Vacance Licence No.2-4926 www.e-vacance.com
・ ENTETSU TRAVEL Licence No.240 www.e-trip.co.jp
・ ENTETSU RAILWAY Licence No.2-162 www.entetsu.co.jp
・ EPIC TOUR Licence No.1820 www.epi-travel.com
・ FIVE STAR CLUB Licence No.1606 www.fivestar-club.co.jp
・ FUJI MATE TRAVEL Licence No.2-2535 www.f-m-t.co.jp
・ FUJI TRAVEL SERVICE Licence No.1-895 www.fj-t.com
・ FUMON ENTERPRISE Licence No.1-1365 www.new-holiday.com
・ GRAND CHARIOT TOURS Licence No.2-3281 www.gct.co.jp
・ GEORGE HOUSE JAPAN Licence No.1-1416 www.jholiday.jp
・ GINZA PLANET SERVICE Licence No.2-3284 www.ginzaplanet.co.jp
・ GLOBE-TROTTER Licence No.1-1685 www.arukikata.com
・ GOSHIMA TRAVEL Licence No.2-1858 www.gt-net.co.jp
・ GOSHIMA TRAVEL AGENCY Licence No.2-1858 www.gt-net.co.jp
・ HAL INTERNATIONAL No.3-5109 www.halinter.com
・ ICHIBATA TRAVEL SERVICE No.597 www.ichibata.co.jp
・ IZUHAKONE RAILWAY No.1688 www.izuhakone.co.jp
・ JAPAN TO C.COM Licence No.1-1745 www.echai.net
・ JUSVEL Licence No.1-239 www.jusvel.co.jp
・ JTS MICHINOKU Licence No.1-1422 www.jts-michinoku.co.jp
・ JIC TRAVEL CENTER Licence No.1-1715 www.jic-web.co.jp
・ JDA Licence No.2-5932 www.jd-a.jp
・ JAPAN SKY SERVICES Licence No.2-4133 www.japansky.co.jp
・ JTRIP Licence No.1367 www.jtrip.co.jp
・ JEP Licence No.3-3970 www.jep.org
・ KAMPO TRAVEL Licence No.1454 www.kampotravel.co.jp
・ KASUMI TRAVEL Licence No.2-567 www.kasumi-travel.com
・ KEIKYU TRAVEL SERVICE Licence No.297 www.keikyu-travel.com
・ KEISEI TRAVEL SERVICE Licence No.70 www.keiseitravel.co.jp
・ KYORITSU KANKO Licence No.2-60 www.kyoritsu-kanko.jp
・ KOBE PRESS TOURIST Licence No.1084 www.kpt.jp
・ KIYOMATSU INTERNATIONAL Licence No.3-4694 www.kiyomatsu.com
・ KYUSHU SANKO TOURISM Licence No.1802 www.kyusanko.co.jp
・ LA EVE TOUR Licence No.2-399 www.la-evetour.com
・ MAINICHI KIKAKU SERVICE Licence No.1-1280 www.maitabi.jp
・ NEC TOURIST Licence No.156 www.nectouristplaza.com
・ NEEDS ENTERPRISE Licence No.2-1536 www.needstour.com
・ NIHON KANKO TOURS Licence No.1-1398 www.nihon-kanko.co.jp
・ NIPPON TRAVEL INC Licence No.1734 www.nippon-travel.com
・ NAGANO TRAVEL Licence No.1-669 www.oak-tour.co.jp
・ NANSEI RAKUEN TOURIST Licence No.1-1719 www.nanseirakuen.jp
・ NEW WORLD TOURIST Licence No.1-54 www.nwt54.jp
・ NO. ONE TRAVEL Licence No.2-5487 www.no1travel.co.jp
・ ODAKYU TRAVEL Licence No.1-365 www.odakyu-travel.co.jp
・ OKINAWA DE Licence No.3-2315 www.okinawade.com
・ PAR72PLAZA Licence No.2-5895 www.par72.co.jp
・ PHOENIX TRAVEL Licence No.2-2853 www.phoenix-travel.co.jp
・ POLARIS TOUR Licence No.3-5560 www.polaris-tour.com
・ ROTARY AIR SERVICE Licence No.332 www.kirakira-tour.co.jp, www.hope-tour.co.jp
・ RINKAI TOURIST Licence No.1-529 www.rinkai-tour.co.jp
・ ROTARY AIR SERVICE Licence No.332 www.hotdog.co.jp/bus (highway bus)
・ RYOKO KEIKAKU Licence No.1-872 www.osharetabi.com
・ SKYGATE Licence No.1815 www.skygate.co.jp
・ SUCCESS TOURS Licence No.1798 www.suc-tokyo.com
・ SANKO RYOKO Licence No.1-231 www.sanko-ryoko.co.jp
・ SANKO TORAIPARU Licence No.1-1600 www.sanq-tripal.com
・ SAPPORO URBAN TOURIST Licence No.1-882 www.urban-tourist.co.jp
・ SHIZUTETSU TRAVEL SERVICE Licence No.1-153 www.sts21.com
・ SKIKI CLUB TRAVEL Licence No.2-2309 www.shikiclub.co.jp
・ TRAVEX Licence No.2-5234 www.travex.co.jp
・ TRAVEL INDICATOR No.2-2358 www.travel-indicator.com
・ TAVITA Licence No.2-4981 www.tavita.jp
・ TABIKOBO Licence No.1-1683 www.tabikobo.com
・ TOBU TRAVEL Licence No.1-1648 www.tobutravel.co.jp
・ TODA Licence No.1-501 www.nst-toda.co.jp
・ TOBUKANKO Licence No.1-849 www.tobukanko.com
・ TOKYO LIVING SERVICE Licence No.2-4174 www.ryokou-tls.com
・ TOKYO TRAVEL SERVICE Licence No.1-1430 www.tts-miyazaki.co.jp
・ TORAY TRAVEL Licence No.1-828 www.toray-travel.co.jp
・ TOUR PLANNER OF JAPAN Licence No.1-734 www.tabi-tpj.com
・ TOYAMA CHITETSU SERVICE Licence No.1-1704 www.chitetsu-s.com
・ TRAVEL EMOTION Licence No.2-377 www.hokkaido1.com
・ TRAVEL ROAD Licence No.1-1655 www.travelroad.co.jp
・ TRAVEL WITH Licence No.1-917 www.travelwith.com
・ TRAVEL WINS Licence No.2-604 www.travel-wins.com
・ TRANVERT Licence No.2-4922 www.tranvert.com
・ TAVIGATOR Licence No.3-4787 www.tavigator.co.jp
・ UNIVERSAL EXPRESS Licence No.160 www.uniex.co.jp
・ UP TOUR Licence No.2-155 www.h2.dion.ne.jp/~uptour
・ UPON INC Licence No.2-2308 www.upon.co.jp
・ WEB TRAVEL Licence No.1-1757 www.webtravel.jp
・ WHITE BEAR FAMILY Licence No.1-1383 www.wbf.co.jp
・ XPRESS TRAVEL Licence No.1-1698 www.trytour.co.jp
・ YAMAKO KANKO Licence No.1-1528 www.yamakokanko.co.jp
・ YOMIURI TRAVEL SERVICE Licence No.1-91 www.yomiuri-ryokou.co.jp

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