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Educational Tour partnership with Travel Pal Travel Pal Co Ltd in partnership with Singapore MOE-appointed travel agencies, is rolling out a series of study tours throughout Japan aim at achieving the educational objective. From Cultural Exchange Trips involving homestay with a local hosting family to Community Involvement Programme (CIP) & Service Learning where students are put through community work allowing them to learn the value of service and appreciation of what community work involves, we have just the right programme specially tailored for you. View some our sample itineraries.

Japan travel agent listing

Multi-lingual travel agencies

Listed are travel agencies that have a dedicated English or foreign language sales section. There is a good chance that you are likely to approach any one of them for your travel needs. They are not in any order of ranking, service level or scale. Most travel agencies listed here have office in Tokyo. Check here for Japanese travel agents.

Jumbo Tours Inc. Licence No.1374 www.jumbotours.co.jp
Package tours to Okinawa. With both domestic and international flight ticketing.

Nippon Travel Agency Co.,Ltd Licence No.2 www.nta.co.jp
Inbound tours, rail pass, hotel/ryokan booking, international corporate sales

Tonichi Travel Service Licence No.270 www.japan-coachman.com
Land packages, hotel/ryokan booking, international corporate sales

Visit Japan Tours Licence No.3-6388 www.visitjapantours.com
Specializes inbound group tours, land tours and packages for FIT.

Fareast Inc. Licence No.3-5220 www.nightflight.co.jp
Specializes in domestic and international flight packages.

Keikyu Travel Services Licence No.297 www.keikyu-travel.com
Specializes in domestic and international flight packages.

H.I.S. Multilingual Air Ticket Site Licence No.724 g.his-j.com/en/air
Book flights from Japan to overseas in English, Chinese and Korean.
Native staffs are available to take your requests!

No.1 Travel Licence No.724 www.no1-travel.com
International flight ticketing.

Across Travellers Bureau Licence No.835 www.across-travel.com
Specialises in International flight ticketing.

Japan Worldwide Licence No.2-328 www.welovesnow.com
Specializes in ski tours.

Yoshi Tour Co., Ltd Licence No.2-4459 www.yoshitour.com
Japan domestic tours, accommodations and flight ticketing.

Odakyu Travel Licence No.365 www.odakyu-travel.co.jp
Wide selection of package tours and accommodation in Hakone.

Club Tourism Licence No.1693 www.yokoso-japan.jp
Domestic land tour packages

STA Travel Licence No.937 www.statravel.co.jp
International flight ticketing. Rail pass.

AirNet Travel Licence No.3-4421 www.airnetjapan.com
International flight ticketing. JTB Tour package official agency (Look JTB, ACE JTB)

Lucky World Travel Licence No.3-5615 www.luckyworldtravel.com
International flight ticketing.

Toruko Euro Tours Licence No.3-5739 www.torukoeurotours.com
International flight ticketing.

Chikyu Travel Service Licence No.3-5088 www.chikyutravel.com
Domestic flight ticketing and hotel reservation.

Orion Tour Licence No.692 www.orion-tour.co.jp
Long distance bus, domestic flight package.

IACE TRAVEL Licence No.883 www.iace.co.jp
Package tours, domestic and international flight ticketing.

Willer Travel Inc Licence No.2-1617 www.willerexpress.com
Online reservation system for long distance bus .

Just Travel Licence No.724 Tel:03-5292-2601
International flight ticketing.

Sophia Travel Licence No.3-4240 www.sophia-net.com
International flight ticketing.

Travel Hero Licence No.3-3627 www.travel-hero.co.jp
International flight ticketing.

Air Orient Inc. Licence No.2-1663 www.japan-saver.com
Domestic flight ticketing.

GS Travel Licence No.3-1841 www.gs-travel.com
International flight ticketing.

Fun Travel Licence No.3-5949 www.funtravel.jp
International flight ticketing.

e-Holidays Licence No.1839 www.e-holidays.jp
International flight ticketing.

etour Licence No.1731 www.etour.co.jp
International flight ticketing.

Three O Seven International Licence No.3-5568 www.307.co.jp
International flight ticketing.

Japanican Licence No.5941 www.japanican.com
Inbound tours, hotel/ryokan booking.

Kinki Nippon Tourist Co.,Ltd Licence No.20 www.knt.co.jp
Inbound tours, hotel/ryokan booking

Humanic Co., Ltd Licence No.2-6260 www.seejapan-tours.com
Inbound tours, hotel/ryokan booking

Can Tour Licence No.1-1785 www.cantour.co.jp
International flight ticketing.

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