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Jumbo Tours offer a wide range of packages to Okinawa, from high-end tours to value-for-money trips and everything in between. We offer domestic and international air travel and tours departing from most major cities in Japan. We can arrange charter airplanes for large groups and tours. We also provide personalized travel service in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese as well. Offices in Okinawa and Tokyo.

Chinese travel agents in Japan

Agencies specializing in China's routes

Listed are travel agents specializing in providing discounted flight tickets to China. They are catered largely to the Chinese communities in Japan and have also been serving the frequent Japanese business travellers to China well too.

Sankei Travel Service (株)産経旅行
Licence No.326 www.sankeitourist.co.jp

China Travel Service 香港中旅日本中国旅行社株式会社
Licence No.922 www.chinatravel1.co.jp

JCK Co LTD ジェー・シー・ケー株式会社
Licence No.3-5541 www.jck.co.jp

KD Tour 株式会社KDライフデザイン
Licence No.3-5774 www.kd-tour.com

CITS Japan 中国国際旅行社
Licence No.587 www.citsjapan.co.jp

Asia Travel Center Co., Ltd アジア旅行センター
Licence No.1840 www.atcc.jp

ITB Travel 愛天地旅行
Licence No.1818 www.itbtravel.com

Sun Travel 株式会社サントラベル
Licence No.1791 www.suntravel.co.jp

Kamome Travel Co.,Ltd カモメ通商 株式会社
Licence No.1840 www.kamome-travel.jp

Koka Co Ltd 港華株式会社
Licence No.3-880 home4.highway.ne.jp/KOKA/

China Travel Agency (株)中国観光社
Licence No.1680 www.cta-japan.co.jp

Sankyo Business Co.,Ltd GYC旅行
Licence No. www.sankyobusiness.com

ATB Co LTD アクロス中国
Licence No.835 www.across-china.jp

MS-Tourist Ltd(株)エムエスツーリスト
Licence No.973 www.ms-fuk.com

West Japan-China Travel 西日本日中旅行社
Licence No.1201 www.nnr-fuk.co.jp

Kowa Corporation 鳳凰旅行社
Licence No. www.kowabiz.com

Licence No.1653 www.jgdryoko.co.jp

Seitsu Air Service ST世通エアサービス
Licence No. www.seitsu.jp

Kashin Travel Co.,Ltd 華申旅行
Licence No.1840 www.kstravel.jp

Seiko Co. Ltd (株)正宏商事
Licence No.3-5328 www.ebuy.co.jp

World Express Inc 株式会社ワールドエキスプレス
Licence No.194 www.niceworld.jp

Skynet Plaza スカイネットプラザ(株)
Licence No. www.skynetplaza.com

Kasei Travel 華成旅行
Licence No. www.kaseisyoji.com

Chinese Dragon Travel Co Ltd 中国巨龍旅行社
Licence No.1758 www.cdtravel.co.jp

ACT Travel Ltd アクトトラベル株式会社
Licence No.3-5550 www.acttravel.co.jp

World Tours 株式会社 ワールドツアーズ
Licence No.3-4576 www.worldtours.co.jp

Golden Journey Travel 金程旅行
Licence No. www.ticket-china.net

Mantatsu Travel Transportation 万達旅運株式会社 
Licence No.1718 www.mantatsu.co.jp

LIBRA Star Travel リブラ星星旅行社
Licence No.3-5091 www.libra-ss.co.jp

Enjoy World Travel 有限会社エンジョイ
Licence No. www.enjoy-world.com

Kanan Co Ltd 華南トラベル
Licence No.3-4065 www.kanan.com

Japan China Youth Travel 日中青年旅行社
Licence No.1004 www2.dango.ne.jp/jcyt

嘉斯特旅行社 Licence No.724 Tel : 03-5292-2601

日本中国航空旅行協会 Licence No. Tel : 03-5304-7278

日本経済旅行社(株) Licence No. Tel : 03-5304-0641

Carriers operating direct flights to China and nearby places
CA Air China Beijing, Chengdu, Dalian, Shanghai, Shenzhen
NH All Nippon Airways Beijing, Dalian, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenyang, Taipei, Xiamen
CX Cathay Pacific Airways Hong Kong, Taipei
MU China Eastern Airlines Beijing, Shanghai, Xian
CZ China Southern Airlines Changchun, Dalian, Guangzhou, Shenyang
IR Iran Air Beijing
JL Japan Airlines Beijing, Dalian, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xian, Xiamen
OM Miat Mongolian Airlines Ulan Bator
NW Northwest Airlines Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai
PK Pakistan Intl. Airlines Beijing

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