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Jumbo Tours offer a wide range of packages to Okinawa, from high-end tours to value-for-money trips and everything in between. We offer domestic and international air travel and tours departing from most major cities in Japan. We can arrange charter airplanes for large groups and tours. We also provide personalized travel service in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese as well. Offices in Okinawa and Tokyo.

Japanese travel agents in Japan

Well-known travel operators/wholesalers

B2B and B2C travel operators/wholesalers with multiple travel products. Many have their own retailing channel and/or its own reservation centers.

・ ANA SALES, ANA SKY WEB TOUR Licence No.1656 www.ana.co.jp/travel
・ ANA SKY HOLIDAY, ANA HELLO TOUR Licence No.1656 www.anas.co.jp
・ AIR OKINAWA CORP Licence No.413 www.air-okinawa.co.jp
・ BIG HOLIDAY Licence No.576 www.bigs.jp
・ DYNASTY HOLIDAYS, INC Licence No.574 www.dynasty-holidays.com
・ FUJIKYU TRAVEL Licence No.101 www.fujikyu-travel.co.jp
・ HATO BUS Licence No.2-2379 www.hatobus.co.jp
・ HANKYU EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL Licence No.43 www.hankyu-travel.com
・ H.I.S. Licence No.724 www.his.co.jp
・ HIT TOURS Licence No.815 www.hittours.net
・ HOKKAIDO KANKO JIGYO, LIFE Licence No.100 www.lifehkj.com
・ JAL TOURS Licence No.705 www.jaltours.co.jp
・ JAPAN AIR WAYS Licence No.749 www.tabi-suru.net
・ JHC Licence No.901 www.jhchotel.com
・ JR EAST RAILWAY Licence No.2-2743 www.travel.eki-net.com
・ JR TOURS Licence No.957 www.jrtours.co.jp
・ JTA TRADING Licence No.1479 www.churashima.net
・ JTB Licence No.64 www.jtb.co.jp
・ JTB SUN & SUN Licence No.568 www.jtbsun.com
・ JTB WORLD VACATIONS Licence No.1691 www.lookjtb.com
・ KEIO TRAVEL AGENCY Licence No.10 www.kingtour.com
・ KINTETSU, KNT, WILL TOUR Licence No.20 www.knt.co.jp
・ MEITETSU WORLD TRAVEL Licence No.55 www.mwt.co.jp
・ NANKAI TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL Licence No.29 www.nanka-e-tabi.com
・ NTA Licence No.2 www.nta.co.jp
・ OKINAWA TOURIST Licence No.155 www.ranrantour.jp
・ ORION TOUR Licence No.692 www.orion-tour.co.jp
・ OTS Licence No.40 www.otsjpn.com
・ R & C TOURS Licence No.721 www.rctours.jp
・ SAWAYAKA TOUR Licence No.1786 www.sawayakatour.com
・ SEIBU TRAVEL Licence No.139 www.seibutravel.co.jp
・ SKYPAK TOURS Licence No.1507 www.skypaktours.co.jp
・ SKY TOURS Licence No.2-6 www.e-myholiday.com
・ SOTETSU TRAVEL Licence No.149 www.sotetsu-kanko.co.jp
・ TABIX JAPAN Licence No.197 www.tabix.co.jp
・ TOP TOUR Licence No.38 www.streamlines.jp
・ TOP TRAVEL Licence No.1667 www.toptravel.jp
・ TRAVEL INN Licence No.1750 www.travel-inn.co.jp
・ TONICHI TRAVEL Licence No.270 www.tonichi.co.jp
・ TOPPAN TRAVEL SERVICE Licence No.51 www.toppantravel.com
・ ZENRYO Licence No.1585 www.zenryo.co.jp

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Travel price comparison and price resource websites

These are some good travel websites which offer price comparison on domestic travel deals. You can easily pinpoint the best deal among participating travel agents and compare the offers in it massive database. Unfortunately, they are all available in Japanese only.

・ TRAVEL.CO.JP www.travel.co.jp
・ ALL格安航空券比較 www.airticket.ne.jp
・ 4Travel www.4travel.jp
・ 航空券.net www.kokuken.net
・ Travelko www.tour.ne.jp
・ 比較.com travel.hikaku.com/domestic
・ Search-Pro.net www.search-pro.net
・ 地球の歩き方 Licence No.1-1537 www.arukikata.co.jp
・ 一休.com Licence No.3-4840 www.ikyu.com
・ RAKUTEN TRAVEL Licence No.1-1755 travel.rakuten.co.jp
・ PARADIGM SHIFT Licence No.1-1827 www.castour.com, www.jtravel.jp, www.tabi2.jp, www.stayat.jp

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