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Japan Used Car Exporters

Japanese used vehicle exporting is a large global business which deals in the export of used cars and vehicles from the Japanese domestic market to numerous markets around the world. Despite the high cost to freight vehicles overseas, buyers still find it attractive due to the relatively low cost and good condition of the vehicle. The contributing factors to the viability of the vehicles for export is due to strict inspection tests, high depreciation which make such vehicles worth very little after six years, and strict environmental laws that make vehicle disposal expensive in Japan. Currently the most popular destinations for used vehicles from Japan are Russia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Chile, Pakistan, Peru and Kenya. Additionally, Singapore, South Africa, and United Arab Emirates are used as transit hubs. Japanese used cars are mainly sold in Japan at auto auctions by car owners and dealers.

List of All Exporters - Japan only
01 Auto Auction
4wd minitruck
4 Wheelers Japan Ltd
73 Moorhouse
ABC Mini Trucks
Adrenalin Imports
Agasta Co., Ltd
Aichi Motors
Air Bros Japan
Al Ain Japan Pvt Ltd
Algys Autos
All American Mini Trucks
All Quip Imports
AME Trading Japan
ANA Traders
Angel Motors
ANN Inc Nagoya
Apex Support Co., Ltd
RISE Auto Recycle Center
Ascent Trading
Asian Motors (Russian Language)
Asian Way Inc.
Atom Auto Co., Ltd
Auto Trading Rock
Attend Auto Planning
ATV Truck
Auction Trade
Auto Advan
Auto Square
Autocraft Japan Ltd.
Auto Galaxy
Autospecs Ltd.
Auto Grand
Auto Plaza Japan
Auto Story
aDelco, Ltd - Japanese used vehicle exporter
Akira Select
Auto Kids
Auto Line
AutoLink UK
ARC Japan Car Trade
Auto Master Japan Ltd
Country Cars Ltd.
Auto Shop Moon
Auto Shop
Auto Stock
Auto Supply UK
Luft Japan Co., Ltd.
Auto Win Japan, Ltd.
Autoworld Japan
Avon Group Ltd
Axel Co., Ltd.
Bam Tokyo
Batfa Japan Inc.
BE Auto
Be Forward
Bell Trading Co., Ltd.
Best Cars
Best Car Japan
Best Trade Japan
Brave Auto Ltd
Bros Co. Ltd.
B-Spex Trading
B.J. International
Bubu Import Car Dealer
Buckeye Mini Trucks
Buddy Corporation
Camel Japan
Oriental Vehicle Exports
Car Base
Cars Junction
Carmen Imports Centre
Carnival Co., Ltd.
Car Unic
Car Xport
Carizma International
Car Net Africa
Cars Enrich
Central Motor
CV Trading Inc.
Century International Co., Ltd.
Central Motors, Ltd.
Cheapies Japan - Used mini truck and sports cars
Coral Japanese Used Car Exporter - Motorcycles & Construction Equipments
Cosmos Inc.
Cosmo Enterprises
Car Recycle Studio
Crystal Group Co., Ltd
Corporate Wholesale International
Century Yamakyu Corp.
Daido Corporation
Daishi Corporation
Daiwa International Corporation
Dama Japan Inc
Dept Company Ltd
Peter Keech Motors
Glob Bridge
Diyata Japan
Dolphin International Co, Ltd.
Drag and Drift
East Japan Trading
Japan Recycle Ecolocar Industry Corp
Garage Life Corp.
Elegant Collections
Energy Autos
EGK Japan
E-shokai, USAMI & CO.,LTD
Eternal Import
Endo Trading
Every Car
Extreme Co., Ltd.
First Body International Car Dealership
Fareena Corporation Ltd
Fujiyama Trading Ltd
Fusion Japan Co., Ltd
Fukuda Shoten
Garage Current Inc
Global Auto Trade
Globiz Motors
Gloria Trading
Goldwing Trading Japan
Graham Berry 2
Green Crest Worldwide Co., Ltd.
G Wish
GB Auto Trader
G&R Imports, on minitrucks, parts and motors
Hanamaru Co., Ltd
Hashimoto Buhin Service
Hashimoto Trading
Has-Nihon Trading
HAS-Nihon Trading Co., Ltd
Hassan Kadhimi Used Cars And Spare Parts Trading
Heiwa Auto
Houei Kougyou Inc.
IBC Japan
IHM Trade Co., Ltd
Ikeike Auto
Uno Jikou Inc.
Import Bitz
Import Car Parts
J&H Import Cars
Import Concern Inc
Import Driver
Inrex Co., Ltd
IS Auto
IS-Sogo Co., Ltd
ITC Cars
Jackson Japan Ltd
Jeava Ltd.
Japan Auto Direct
Japan Best Cars
Japan Car Exports Limited
Japan Car Sales
Japan Dynamics
Auto Advan
Edward Lee Japanese Auto Centre
Japanese imports
Japanese Imports
Japanese Mini Trucks
Auto Specs Ltd.
KANZ Corporation, Japan
Auto Specs Direct
Trade One Corp.
Trust Company Ltd.
Japan Partner Inc.
Trade Haus Logistics
Atomix Integrated Trade Co.
Diyata Japan Co., Ltd
Japan Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Jap Car Imports
Japan Tradings
J Car Leader
JPC Trade
JAT Japan
Japan Automobile Trading - Trucks
Auto House Japan
JDM Connection Inc.
JDM Imports
J's Garage Exports
Jimex Co., Ltd.
Joint Int'l Auto
JS Auto Studios
JSC Trading
J-Spec Imports
J-Spec Imports
Yokohama Trading Co., Ltd
Kaitani Corp.
Kana Trading Co., Ltd.
Kan-De Trading Co., Ltd.
Kappa Motors
Karuizawa Trading LLC
Keizen Auto
Grace Trading
Kinki Company Ltd.
Kitayama Auto Co., Ltd
K.I. Auto
Kobe Motor Company
Kolinz E-Motion
Kosei Boeki
Kubota Auto Parts
Leisure Vehicles
Leadsham Trading Co Ltd
Libra Motors Co., Ltd.
Loop Auto Factory
Madison Motors
Maruem Shoji Co., Ltd.
Maxwill Trading Co., Ltd
Master Cars International
Maximum Overdrive Auto Importers
Motor World Direct
Meitoh Trading Co., Ltd
Mevius Co., Ltd.
Micars Pte Ltd
Auto Supply Japan Co., Ltd
Mieda Trading
Milligan Motors
Mini Trucks Japan
Miracle Price Ltd
MKS International Co., Ltd
Monky's Inc.
Motorcars Ltd
M's Enterprise
Napro Fukushima Co., Ltd
NewIntor Co., Ltd. - Buses
Nexuss International Co., Ltd.
Nichibo Japan Trading Co., Ltd
Nile United Co., Ltd.
Occidental Corporation
Odin Motors
Office AZ
OLET International
Oneline Co., Ltd
Pacific Boeki Co., Ltd
Pag Trading Japan
Papera Traders Co., Ltd
Pacific Corporation
Phoenix Japan Co. Ltd.
Pejman Trading Corp.
H&H Performance Imports
Japanese Used Cars
Pickup Motors
Provide Cars Co., Ltd.
PROX Japan Co.,Ltd.
PTI Co., Ltd
Plus Corporation
Quantum Jump Japan Co., Ltd
Quattro Co., Ltd
Queen Auto Co., Ltd
Union Auto Works Co., Ltd
Ranx Co., Ltd
Rao International Co., Ltd
Re Co., Ltd
Reddex Japan
Ridhaa Trading
Rising Sun Imports
Rizubi Trading
Rizubi Trading Company
Royal Industries, Ltd.
Royal Trading
Rtrade Co., Ltd
RUN Company Ltd
Ryson Corporation
Samurai Auto
San-A & Co., Ltd.
Sanseishokai Co.
Sayuri International Co., Ltd
Shimamura Auto
Soryu International Corp
SS Garage Trading
SCI Motors
SharpEye Trading
Shima Company Co., Ltd
Shiotsu Auto Trade Japan
Showa Tsusho Co., Ltd
Sports & Prestige Imports
Sterling Japan Co., Ltd.
SubZero Motor Company Limited
Sunday Co., Ltd.
Sun Trade Co., Ltd.
Taiyo Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Taiyo Trading Co., Ltd.
Tajima Trading Co., Ltd. - Construction vehicles
Tau Corporation
Tax Co., Ltd.
Tech Auto
Tarheel Nippon Trucks
Todoroki Trading
Tokyo Trading Co., Ltd.
Tomisho Co., Ltd.
Toprank Motorworks
Topspec Imports Ltd
Carview Corporation
Trax Japan Used Car Exporter
Trade One Corporation
Tread Worldwide Corporation
Trucklink Co., Ltd.
TS Export
T-style Co., Ltd.
West Japan Lease Co., Ltd.
Tyee Imports Inc.
UCI Japan Co.
Used Car Kuboya Co., Ltd.
UI Corporation
Ulmer Farm Service, LLC.
Universal Produce Ltd.
Used Parts Japan
PITTS Company Ltd
Used Car Tokyo Corp.
Gung Ho Trucks
Vehicle Import Consultants, VIC
Version Group Co., Ltd.
VIP Corporation Group
Vipstyle Co., Ltd.
Inukai Co., Ltd.
Wakasugi Motors Co., Ltd.
A&F Ltd.
Fullhouse International Limited
Westcoast Co., Ltd.
West Park Trading Inc.
Wins Show Room
Woodstock Trading, Inc.
Yamada Sharyo Co., Ltd.
Yamakatsu Co., Ltd.
Yasuda Automobile Factory
Ykauto Co., Ltd.
Y's Trading Online
Yokohama Trading Co., Ltd.
Zero International

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