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Without your full support this will not be possible. TokyoTomo.com is a travel-blog site ran single handedly and put together during my free time. It has been running since late 2007 and only recently has undergone a change with a wider appeal to engage our audience. It still remains very much a personal project.
TokyoTomo is constantly looking for contributors to our website. Articles related to Japan tourist destinations, festivals and events are highly sought though not a must. Listed below you can choose a category or subject you are keen to write about. Whether you are a travel trade personnel, frequent or infrequent visitor to Japan, we welcome you to share your experience with us and all our site visitors.
We look forward to receiving your travelogues soon.

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General info/guidelines
Please send all writings (in English only) by email. Original photos along with your articles are welcome too. Writers are invited to send your articles at your own free will and we regret that we do not pay for these but will include your name or credit if accepted. You will retained copyright ownership as TokyoTomo do not resell your work to publishers or content network. You will be notified regardless of whether your article is published or not in less than a week's time. Rest assured that we will not casually reject anyone unless the article you have submitted is deemed to be inappropriate in anyway, slanderous, misleading, prejudicial, and could infringe on the copyrights.

Suggested subject for writing
Suggestions only, anything is possible but keep to "travel" AND "Japan".

Destination Writing
The destination does not make the story. TokyoTomo is interested in articles with a unique slant so please do not just send a list of places you have visited. Share an experience that is out of the ordinary, one you could only have away from home, and use that angle to write about the destination. That is the trick of a polished writer.

Personal Memoir (or Blogging Style)
TokyoTomo also likes reflective stories with a touch. Tell us how your travels have changed you for the better or worse. What happened and what have your learned when you came back from Japan? Is something you missed doing or craving at?

That's it. Start writing and keep them coming.

Be our writer/Content sharing

Freelance writers, Content networks and Site owners
TokyoTomo is seeking for more original and informative articles on popular and not so popular travel destinations and trends in Japan. Duplicate articles, must be your own or with reproduction rights, may also be used. You will retain all the credits for your write ups. You are also allowed to a link back to any active webpage. TokyoTomo is receptive to any new ideas that you have.

Last updated on August 8th, 2009

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