Tokyo Airport Transfer and Private Charter Service

What some of our customers say about our service

From our customers:

We were putting up at the Fraser Place Shinjuku where there the limousine bus from Narita airport happen not to service this area. We made the decision to take the NEX train non-stop to Shinjuku station thinking it would be the most ideal choice. It was not a pleasant experience for me and my wife, as we had to struggle with our slightly over-sized bags plus two small kids, trying in vain to locate where the exit was after reaching this huge and crowded station. There is no way we were going back there again without not having learnt our lesson. I found out about your service with the help of the front desk staff. Our journey to the airport was a smooth 60 minute ride compared to getting from the airport to the hotel, it was heaven and hell.

Baker's family

We like the service you offered as we were trying to find a large size van to fit 9 adults and 5 children in our group plus a handful of trolleybags using just 1 vehicle. It took me around a month of looking around before we found you. Many of your competitors are using the Toyota Caravan similar to yours but is limited to only 10 passengers as the last row seatings were removed for stowing bags.

Nataporn Wattana

From travel agent partners:

We wish you have had this service much earlier as in the past we always had to find suitable contractors for our assignments and ended up having lots of complaint coming from our clients. Complaints were mainly due drivers not able to communicate well with the tour leader causing some confusions during the trip.

UE Square

So far all the assignments went pretty well without any trouble or a single complain from our clients. It is important that we find the right partner, trust them to delivery a good job. We can easily perform service recovery by compensating something minor to do with meal or lodging but we cannot afford when we ruin our clients' holiday when the driver did not turn up.

Taiwan R.O.C.

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